HITN Brings Highlights High Five Bilingüe Magazine to Life Through Video, Community Events, and Online Games

HITN and Highlights for Children have been working together for nine months to create a multi-platform partnership designed to cross language barriers, connect with families and offer them educational dual language content. The goal in distributing this content is to support parents’ desire to strengthen and maintain their child’s first language as they learn English. High Five Bilingüe is an inspiring magazine for young children.  It is filled with engaging read-along stories, poems, puzzles and crafts that set young children on the path toward lifelong learning and language proficiency.

To date the partnership between HITN and Highlights for Children, announced in February 2016, has included co-branded High Five Bilingüe magazines distributed to partners that share Highlights for Children and HITN’s passion for embracing dual language learning. HITN has partnered with High Five Bilingüe to create two games and four videos; in addition to this page, the videos will be added to the already strong kids’ programming line-up on HITN TV.

In the coming months, HITN and Highlights for Children will continue to build upon the relationship through additional games, videos and events across the United States.

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